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Free market small government conseravtive declares free COVID cure for all

1. The market isn’t free. There’s all kinds of government Interfering and manipulating the market from the FDA down to the government incentives.

2. Most Republicans are NOT for small government. They are just for their government. I believe the saying goes something like the Democrats want to spend your tax dollars on butter, while the Republicans want to spend your tax dollars on guns. Reagan was known as the guns and butter president for his policy of spending on both. Looks like Trump might take that title off his head though.

3. this cure thing is political theater playing out for strictly political purposes.
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That's a great question. Why did the president need a cure for a hoax? And why did he feel so great after receiving it?

Maybe he's been listening to too much fake news 🤷‍♂️. The white house has a phone number and an email. Not to mention the immature usage of social media. Our politicians are more accessible than ever. If your that curious, ask him. How the fuck would I know why orange man does what he does?
Nope. Gotta work on covid. Gotta work hard to protect the .3% of the population! Better yet, shut down the economy! Kill small businesses! Drive us into a depression! The only thing viruses hate more than masks is a successful economy!

Hey..That sounds more like Democrat Policy than common sense.
Is there really a "cure" for any illness? They can treat symptoms or possibly put into remission but an actual cure?
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