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KS Free 4 irok tires free 42x17 free in sabetha kansas free

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May 19, 2020
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BFK. Bum Fuck Kansas

Did I mention they are FREE? Only to an irate member. Come get these bastages out of my shop. Quantity of 4. Irok tires. 42x17''. They mostly held air, had two that would leak down over a couple weeks time, but after putting new tires on, I think it was more a beadlock/wheel issue. Pic is of tires on buggy. Don't forget, they are free. I drink coors light if the guilt of free tires is too much to bear.

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lil yota is planning a stop here. that'd be funny, I bought the buggy out of CA and the tires are on their way back there? :laughing:

but to be fair the dakota guy posted first. I'll pm him and if he doesn't commit by saturday when yota is here, they can go to newb. newb's helped me with t-case questions from the other board, so its kind of karma(ish)
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better get on the road then! ill pm you my cell, you can reach out for an address. I will be at that address until noon, then Im peeling out going wheeling with my kid. If you're not here I will leave them outside. :laughing:
Dakota dude is heading back to Minnesota with the tires and I'm heading home with these! Thanks ross!
2020-11-14 12.28.19.jpg
2020-11-14 12.28.19.jpg
Well damnit, I saw this and figured no way I could make it work out. Building a rig right now for 42s also :laughing:​​​​​​
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