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Fraud all the way to IBB?


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May 19, 2020
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Bonners Ferry, ID
No matter how many new posts are added to the shit show thread, it takes me to post #412 when I hit the last post button :confused:
I've had the same thing happen in other long multi page threads. Must be some sort of software bug once threads get large
You have to click the last page icon. There is always at least 1 thread fucking up that way here, and sometimes more than 1 thread has the same defect. Instead of nothing will change it's sum ting wong.
Happens all the time for me in the large threads. Usually clears up in a day or two and then goes back to doing it again.

Meh, could have worse problems in life..... The flyingdildo**** could be your kid. Imagine the horror in knowing you helped create one of the biggest pile of shit trolls on the internet. :eek:


It's a vBulletin cache issue specific to this release. The only way I know of that it will / can go away is, when vBulletin releases a repair for it. It comes and goes, gets burped by Austin, rinse and repeat...
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