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Former JKO Members - JKO Trailer Park is NOT Secured


Random Dude
May 19, 2020
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East Bay, CA
Learned yesterday that private forums on JKO are wide open.

This includes the Vendor's Lounge and the Trailer Park.

If you have any sensitive info. in the JKO TP, suggest HGPD / HGTD ASAP.
You’re a fool if you ever thought stuff you post on the webs is ever secured.
I mean really... what are you posting that is so "sensitive"?
Dirty Comanche is feverishly deleting all of his Grindr ads:lmao::lmao:
I was reading that awhile ago ... looks like another botched forum migration. Aside from the permissions there is all kinds of other stuff aside from just 'vendor discussions'
This is a recent-ish development, the TP was locked down when I checked a couple months ago.

Was looking for something yesterday (logged out), noticed Vendor Lounge visible, and checked TP --> open.

This thread was a simple PSA for folks whom it might directly affect. Not any kind of big deal, just an FYI.

If you're one of the unaffected that needed to jerk yourself off in this thread (:homer:) . . . seek help :flipoff2: :laughing:
out of curiosity... what does there delete permissions looking like?

Dunno. I've only ever deleted 2 posts, and that was to help someone out.

I'm assuming it's wide open since there's like 3 members, 27 spambots, & half a mod at JKO :laughing: . . . :frown:
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