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Jul 21, 2020
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I’ve been living under a rock, and found Irate4x4 today.

I started this thread years ago on Pirate, it’s been sitting in pieces for a few years awaiting motivation.

I sold the old drivetrain, 304,TF727, Dana 20, those are hard boat anchors to find buyers for.

I pulled my LQ4, 4L80e from the donor. I pulled the 6.0l apart for rings, bearings, Summit 8720 cam, ported 706 heads. I’m finishing the porting this week and sending everything out for hot tank cleaning. The only other issue I found is that one mounting ear is broken off of the 4L80e, oh well, going to send it!

The rebuild includes swapping to 3link front, 79 Ford dana 60 front axle, 14 bolt out back. I sold the original dodge dana 60s a few years ago.




nice rig, what are you using for a Tcase.
Yes, That’s my old Toyota, I tried to remove the image, I didn’t mean to upload it. I struggle with technology. I apologize.

The transfercase is Somewhat undecided. I have an Atlas 2 that needs a rebuild and input shaft. I have a manual shift NP263, and I have a customer with a Stack 3 speed for sale.
Here are a few old pics of the actual vehicle in question. This is on dodge dana 60s and 37s.



Making some slow progress. I got a couple of the 40” Nittos mounted.

Engine and trans are bolted back together. I verified I have the full splined output shaft in my 2wd 4l80e.

The swap headers point directly at the ears on the 4l80e, probably going to chop off the flanges and weld on some Vbands at a different angle.




Pulled my atlas out of storage. It’s a 23 spline unit, the story was the rear CV broke while being flat towed, it broke the NV3550 tail housing and it slid down the highway. I paid $300 for it, I believe it’s worth fixing.

The case is fine, a few bumps and bruises. The low shift rail has the threads broken off. The low shift fork is broken, otherwise looks ok.

I’m going to order the parts necessary to repair it, a 32 spline input, and some 1350 flanges or yokes in the next few weeks.




Seems weird that someone would manufacturer headers that point into the trans like that, what were they designed for? where are you located, pics suggest maybe midwest
Had some parts come in the mail from AA. I installed the 32 spline input shaft, measured and cut down the output shaft of the 4L80e, it has the “RV” 2wd output with long splines. The input bottoms out with roughly .187 gap between the mating surfaces.

Anyone else run into this with a factory 4x4 transfercase adapter. This one is the 15724745 - ADAPTER, from GM.

Am I stuck running an Advanced adapter 4l80e to Atlas adapter? This one is 2.5” thick.

Can you cut one or the other down? Or make a spacer from flat plate? Sounds like a piece of .25 plate would work...or 3/16 if you really like to keep tight tolerances.
I've considered buying a cheap clocking ring and just using it as a spacer. Another possible solution is to chuck the input up in a lathe and cut the splines back 3/16. Either is a fine solution, I guess more curious what others have done. This is a very popular combination, but there's very little info online about bolting it all together. I found the part number online for the adapter in another forum but didn't see anything about this issue.
A little update…

I put a little radius on the inside of the atlas input splines and now can bolt it to the factory 4l80 adapter.

I’ve been slowly trying to rebuild the Atlas, without a kit, I’m dumb, keep finding little things missing since I bought it in pieces. I broke down and ordered a $400 rebuild kit. Unknown ETA.

I’ve been reading the “how did you choose between 2.0 and 2.5” coilovers” I’m realizing the Fox 2.0s probably aren’t a very good pic for such a heavy rig. Crap.
I remember this on pirate. I like it! Could you post some pics of your front suspension and tell me your frame height measurement? I’m slowly collecting parts for ‘75 build. 5.3/4l60, D44, 9in, 3 link and deavors are the plan. I still need to decide on a tcase and tire size. I want an atlas but the $$ and they’re like 7-8 months out (which is probably fine).
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Slow progress!

The building I run my shop from recently sold, the new landlord has given all the tenants 60 days to GTFO, so I’m frantically working on putting parts together to make it less daunting to move.

I set the engine pretty far back with the oil pan flush with the bottom of the frame rails in the front. I like the engine placement. The headers I had found in another build thread hit the firewall. They look like these; https://www.amazon.com/Conversion-E...lpcontext&ref_=fplfs&psc=1&smid=ALK2XBAR0W0K2

Ended up finding a cheap set that look like the ones AnythingScout sells.

As far as pics of my 3 link, I’m not happy with it at the moment, it’s tacked together and I wasn’t able to build the track bar around the IH oil pan hump, so it needs to be re-designed a bit.


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