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Ford peeps, Transmission/Tcase info needed.


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May 19, 2020
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Just took delivery of a minty fresh 2006 4.0 AWD Mountaineer for $250. It is actually in very good condition, aside from a soft trans. What I have found this far is the trans is a 5R55E. What I am thinking about is building a weekend wheeler out of it. This brings me to the question. Is there a trans and t case combo with flange outputs that will replace this existing AWD shitbox? I haven't found much info on doing this, as I doubt many people have tried to build one of these.
Different year explorer/sport Trac has a normal high low 2x4 transfer case that will bolt on.

The 5r was used for a lot of years like 99-07 roughly. AWD was not standard on earlier models.

Look at the button left of the radio it will be 4hi 4lo knob.

I believe they were all electronic shift though
I run one and so far it's decent. I believe it has 25 spline output and the goofy 5 bolt pattern. There isn't much for tcase options except for factory or atlas. I think northwest fab was working on doubler options. The problem Im having is on steep vertical climbs it doesn't pick up fluid. Over filling it causes it to puke some out.
Valve body separator plate gaskets seem to be a common issue on those. I have fixed a few of them with a bonded separator plate and a Trans-go shift correction kit. Just food for thought.
Trans actually shifts fine, it's throwing a code for tcc stuck off. I'm gonna pull the valve body and take a peek. I haven't even put it on my lift yet, gotta finish a customer's truck then I will have a look underneath. I'm napkin planning tons, leafs front and rear, and a 37" or so tire.
Easy to throw '06 and up SD axles under there.

Kinda feel I need the 2 door Explorer version of that

You very much need one! Currently this one is back under the knife getting a Cummins R2.8. There is a pretty nice Explorer with no trans in the backyard that will probably receive the goodstuff if/when the Ranger gets too beat up.
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