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Heading home. Need to clean up sluice and screen out 10 pails of sand for some testing tomorrow ;(. Gonna be a late night again
In, didn't amount to squat today, sick or allergies or something! Wife has baked potatoes in the oven and a steak on the grill. I hope I can taste it.
Did nothing today.

Actually, I took out the recycling so I guess I got that going for me.

Steak and potatoes for dinner.
In, working tonight. On lunch currently, just got a phone call asking when I'll be back because theres a lot going on. Fuck em. Sometimes being the boss blows.
Just got home and sat down to take my boots off and phone rings for a service call. So much for a nice start to the weekend.
In for a minute , got an early call to work at 0430 , working on another Amazon distribution center , this place is going to be huge !

Got home from another week away at work early this morning, felt like shit and have slept most of the day away. I won't go back out until maybe Tues so at least I still have a few days to get shit done around here. I might risk a beer in a little while or not, currently looking at lawn tractors and wondering how the fuck I'll get one into the back yard through a standard 32" door. I wish this was one item you needed to assemble at home.:laughing:

Made a supply run with the kid, which is unusual since she never wants to go on supply runs

As we were heading down the driveway we noticed fire trucks heading west at code 3. As my daughter was wondering where they were heading she noticed the plume over our neighbors to our north. After assessing the wind direction, I let my wife know and decided the property was not in harms way and headed to town. Of course my phone was blowing up with “Are you guys ok?” Calls

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Took a half day off early to meet a plumber to scope my sew line. I haft to sanke it twice a month. Well the issue is the pipe has sunk a 7 foot section...The main line goes under the master bed room.

Yea thats gonna be 4k dollars and 3 days ..woo fuckin hoo
In. Took the day off to come up to Chico to prep the house for sale. Got the back and side porches pressure washed. Pressure washed Half the house, and did a bunch of yard work. Have to finish pressure washing the other half of the house, fix a bunch of sprinklers, change the trim rings on some recessed lights and do some patching and painting. Hoping I can get it all done tomorrow and be back home tomorrow night.
In for a minute. Another busy work week behind me.
Off for the next 10 days.
We are making pilgrimage to see some good friends in TX.

Any Irate members near Athens, TX area want to grab a beer or two let me know...

Been on the Island for work for the last 3 weeks, been going since 7:30 this morning and currently sitting the the lineup for the ferry back...

If I'm lucky I'll be home by 12:30am. Damn well better still be beer in the fridge.
Wife was having contractions all day yesterday and nothing today so laying low waiting on word we need to head to the hospital.
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