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land of corruption and control of the people
May 19, 2020
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Living in hell
making burgers for dinner
got to spray fields before it rains sunday.
soso weekend planned
Gyros for dinner , early night for me got a 1 am start tomorrow to be on the job site.
In. Rain on and off all day. Dog and I struggled to keep our eyes open. Watching crap on Netflix, reading here, hating the world more because of it. Now I want gyros for dinner.
In. Eating pizza and relaxing tonight. Just drove an hour to pick up some tires I ordered. yokohama x-mt

Tomorrow I need to finish the last of my homework for my 4 year apprenticeship. Going to a spring in Crystal River with family on sunday. :smokin:
brain thought line from gyros -> lamb -> cheburek
dammit, now hungry for onions

been raining
tree I transplanted is happy about it, though I am not really all that cheery bout it, I wanna dig a hole so I can put a door on my basement-shed, but it's all mud ATM
In. Grilled up some chicken. Now I'm working on a PowerPoint for a 9am meeting Monday.
Perfect!!! Gonna start finding parts to make her a dd!!!

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Not a lot planned for today.
Would like to make Cars and Coffee for a few tomorrow, after have some projects to get back to.

Helping my BIL re-roof our house (helping where I can, I don’t know wtf I’m doing). Tore off half the shingles yesterday, new roof was delivered this morning, then we tore off the other half. I haven’t done that kind of work in a while (neither has he) and I’m feeling it :emb4:

Starting on a little rum while figuring out dinner. I may have a little Zaya this evening :grinpimp:
In. Snowed last night so my yardwork plans got put on hold. Walked the dogs and did the Costco groceries run and we were beat when we got home. It's gonna be a leftover burgers and porkchops night and probably more than enough margaritas to wash it all down.
In, wife grilled some burgers for dinner, trying a few Oreo coconut caramel cookies, they're OK
Got a painter friend coming to moms in the morning to paint a few sash for us, I'll be there dicking around with the brake, I haven't spent much time on one bending up trim in a long while. Hopefully I won't waste too much material...LOL
In the boonies, waiting for COE.




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I've got a fubillion pics...​ ​ ​ ​
At the shop working on the console. Broke the nutsert tool. Taking that as a sign it's time to head over to the pit and do dumb shit with the crew.

In, beat and tired. Waiting for the wife to finish dinner so I can eat and go to bed. Have a customer appreciation day tomorrow at the local hardware store, probably going to pick up a Traeger and try to limit myself to $1000.
In, unproductive as fuck day at work, manager took yesterday and today off and every time he's gone parts ordering and workflow goes to absolute shit. Pork chops and potatoes for dinner. Think I'm gonna go drive tiny trucks over rocks in my back yard till it gets dark.
Worked on pickups all day. Picked a very good burrito up on way home.
In. Meme harvesting, re watching trailer park boys from the beginning. Trying my best to ignore reality
Nice foyer :smokin:

Tony Montana’s summer place?

Front door entrance is the middle story, of 3 floors. 14' ceilings.

Buddy is selling it, an ex multimillionaire. He built nuclear power plants all over the world, retired now.
In. Holding my chair down. Chased broken shit all damn day. Frozen pizza and a couple hiballs. Gonna go look at an old Ducati tomorrow.
In, beat and tired. Waiting for the wife to finish dinner so I can eat and go to bed. Have a customer appreciation day tomorrow at the local hardware store, probably going to pick up a Traeger and try to limit myself to $1000.

Good luck with that.
Fuckin losers! Time off started ten min after the distributor opened this morning, 1st in line, visited some folks I haven’t seen in a bit found out the fella bossman used to rent the old sorting shop died last June, John Giordani, 74yo was one hard working tough sob big family good family. his dog Sarah 3 months earlier. A pic I took of her just came up on fb memory I used to play fetch with her on break damn good dog :sad: his wife turns 76 tomorrow we eldest grandson moved in and is helping her out.

now chilling with a Celebrity! :laughing: Lol my friend Earl builder owner op of bale spear from battle bots.

Spicy chic-fil-a sandwich from lunch just decided it no longer want to remain in my bowels.
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