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Floe polymer trailers

It does and it's awesome- ended up snagging one for a decent price. I really like it so far
Link is broken

Is it basically an injected molded trailer?

Would be a good option for the guys who need a super light trailer for their sxs, even though they have a new diesel with a 30k lb tow rating. :flipoff2:
To do what with?

specs? Price?


Its this model- got it for my samurai. Needed something small enough to keep in the garage and light enough to pull with a 4runner. Its was just over 4k old. Pulls great and has brakes on all 4 wheels which I wasn't looking for but nice. I was borrowing a tilt 22' pj trailer from work and it was getting to be a hassle picking it up and dropping it off.

It was that or by a cheaper trailer and bigger truck but I have some shit I want to do to my house. Will be nice when the kids get big enough for quads and dirt bikes too. Build quality seems great but I'll post if there are issues
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