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May 21, 2020
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Roy WA
A renter of mine..(75-80) had a retirement idea that he has realized isn’t going to happen... wanted to run a mobile welding business....
wants me to help him figure a sale price for this 79 Chevy truck and all welding equipment.... truck runs good (350, 3 speed)... welding equipment is early 90’s...
crane works!!!! Welder and gen were serviced in 18!!!
Don't do it for me... I can be a shithead... do it for him, he’s a good guy!!!




I'd start with pressure washing the Washington moss off of it...
Eh, I'd pay a grand maybe? You might get 2-3k from the perfect buyer.
i want it. right off the bat, i figured $3k

that's probably high.

I wouldn't pay $3k.

if he will sell it for $1k, i'll be there tonight.

edit: shit, i don't actually think i have $1k in cash right now. it'd have to be tomorrow
$2500 would be all the money in it... on a good day down hill with a tailwind. Maybe $1500 would make an easy sale
I'd probably separate the truck from the welder, or at least advertise them as 2 different pieces that will be sold separately unless buyer wants both fur $xxxx
The yard looks like a good place to drink a beer and the truck looks like the perfect place to take a leak. Somehow gather that's been done a time or two.
No vise on rear bumper...? Not a real service truck, best I can do is $500 cash-
That is at the most a $2500 truck. You might get a little more if you can find someone who’s into vintage service trucks. You’ll get more if you sell welder separately from the truck. If that was mine I would toss it up in either iron planet or the big local auction site. You might get a bidding war to help boost the price. I would love that thing but way too far away ;(.

lower that guy down a bit, cut the crane off and weather the paint and it would be a hot rig.
Sell them separately. On the other corner of the country you could get $800-1k for the welder if it runs. Truck probably 2000-2500. Together they aren't a real welding rig, and that truck is a little old and limited for most solo welder setups. You can't be having to fix your own shit all the time. But the truck is perfect for a plumber/sprinkler guy/handyman hack crew, and they seem to get away with "truck broke down" excuses easier

That " thing " has rust that hasnt seen the light of day in 30+ years..

PASS PASS PASS....to the next sucker...
Your going to reaching out there to get more than about $1k.........

It is a hacker, it will NEVER pass commercial inspection, so you have a ghetto farm maint truck with a sketchy as shit welder, an illegal hoist, marginal service body on a $ 250 cab/chassis

Might take a look at WSDOL if your even thinking of calling it a "commercial" service truck.

Look up the trucks from the oil/natural gas fields. Cheap, generally fairly well equipped. They go at auction for stupid money or for dirt cheap. Kind of depends on the mood that day. There have been some pretty good trucks go for under $1k. Just have to be there on the right day.
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