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Ep 271: Rugged Bound Supply Co

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Theo from @ruggedbound joins us to talk about the amazing overland products that they are bring to the US from South Africa, including the @tourtopcovers_us The TourTop was our favorite product from SEMA last year and we think it might just be the answer to all of our truck storage and cover problems.
I'm officially old and out of touch. Matt listed off several vehicles that I have never heard of. I've seen Tesla cars on the road, never been near one. Shucks, only been in a Prius one time back in '16.

I remember way back when vehicles were sold with a full tank and ready to go. Sounds like an absolutely miserable purchasing experience. What does electricity cost a kWh in socal? Approximately what does a charge run on that thing/ cost per mile?

Good luck with the search for a new co-host, it's been a good run.
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