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Ep 265: MoLeisureXVentres

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Enoch and Delia from @moleisurexventures join us to talk about living out of their #nissan #xterra full time for the last 3.5yrs while touring all of the #nationalparks in the country. Then we talk about Jose trying to kill himself on a dirt bike.
It was great to have these guys on the show. I'm super jealous of their "go out and adventure" spirit.
It takes a lot of dedication to live that lifestyle. It will be interesting if they find another place that rates as highly as big bend.

The motorcycle talk had me laughing. In my experience the smaller the bike the more likely I was to hit the ground. 80cc dirt bike I'm going down hard, 200cc dirt I'm a little more gentle, I went up to a road king and respected it. I did 50k on it and lost interest because of traffic and wildlife. Never tried a crotch rocket, they don't fit my frame and I'm a chicken.
Welcome to Irate guys. Just letting you know the welcoming lifestyle of offroading exists in Australia as well. Keep up the good work.
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