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May 21, 2020
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The Natural State
Giving a gift for significant achievement. Leaning towards a 1911.

I want to get the slide engraved with just words (name, date, etc.) and probably a relevant design on the grips. I've seen examples of what I want to do with the grips on Etsy, and some random Google images.

I haven't looked real hard locally, but the trophy shops are set up to engrave soft metals, not a stainless slide. There are a lot of folks offering laser etching, but I don't want etching, I want actual engraving.

There's a trophy shop about 3 hours away advertising that they have an FFL and do Trust/NFA engraving, but every example on their website is in aluminum. I'll still reach out to them and ask.

Anyone have any experience with this? Do we have anyone here that does this kind of stuff? Any recommendations of who I could ship a slide to?
Check out the deep laser engraving that San Antonio Laser is doing. Beautiful work, looks like a true hand engraving. Probably only a handful of people in the world who could do it as well by hand and I can't afford them. Or I could but I'm not dropping $20k on a wall hanger. I'd rather drop $3k and spend the rest on a awesome trip to use it.

Check with a local custom jeweler. My mother worked for one and they engraved a lot of odd shaped pieces and a lot of different types of metals.
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