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Electric Motor Questions


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May 19, 2020
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Coastal NC
My shop had 4' of fresh water in it during Hurricane Florence. I was home for the storm and for 6 days afterwards dealing with the mess in our yard/house. Once the roads opened back up I had to go back to work in Atlanta without even thinking about the shop. I haven't gotten to spend much time at home due to work until now.

2 years later, I'm finally cleaning it out and have some questions about motor winding's. The 3hp TEFC motor on my planer (DC-380) held water for quite a while and rusted up pretty solid. Pulled it apart to replace the bearings and found what looks like dissolved varnish from the stator windings. There were flakes of varnish at the high water mark, is this stuff water soluble?

I'm going to junk the planer but, I'd like to use the motor on a 2x72 belt grinder. Should I just replace the bearings and run it or bring it in to be cleaned and dipped?


Saltwater? I would put it in the recycle pile. quit screwing around and go back to work :flipoff2: Delta has discontinued many replacement parts for much of their older stuff and I would look into if there is any value in that planer. Renovo in Michigan are the big dogs in old Delta parts.
First sentence, 4 feet of FRESH WATER.
I'm junking the planer and the 76 Vette and the 6" jointer! I fixed the table saw, and I'd like to use the planer motor if possible!
Dying to go back to work. PM later
Meg (check meg ohms to ground to make sure it's not shorted) the winding to the frame if it looks good soak it with winding insulating spray paint and run it.
Nothing is shorted. Ordering spray today, Thanks:smokin:

Besides checking resistance to ground, you should check phase-to-phase resistance as well to make sure the windings are still isolated from each other and balanced. Easy & quick enough to do with a standard meter.
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