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CA Eaton axle part out.

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May 19, 2020
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trinity center ca
I have a 60-66 coil sprung housing with track bar bracket. Spindles are clean and seal surfaces are perfect. Housing internaly a lil gross but thats standard for a 65 y/o axle

Srw wheel hubs with new 1/2" studs.

11x2.75 brakes. New drums that have not been run but are surface rusting from sitting for no less than 2 years. All new brake hard wares and cyls.
also has good condition ebrake cables

16spl axle shafts in very good condition


Things i will trade for
14bff srw hubs
gm d60 front drw hubs
465 10spl trans. Can need rebuild but needs to have good gears and shafts.
Round pattern 205 complete or case only
d60/d70/205 1350 yokes
1p p-side dodge 2nd gen axle shaft
2 55-3x new ujoints
Cucv brush gaurd.
h1 8-12 bolt wheels 5. Stock prefered

203/205 doubler plate. Obviously i will add $ on my end. Prefer ord but ill take any really.
8274. The older the better. Any condition. One with a "jeep" logo would be a bonus.
81-91 gm sqrbody steel winch bumper.
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Brakes and hubs




You could sell the brake stuff for good money on the old Stovebolt truck board. They are always looking for that stuff.
The housing and hubs I would buy if you were closer but its not worth the shipping.
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