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EABOD east coast!!!!

May 21, 2020
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Roy WA
PNW gets some snow too!!!!!
snowing now in Eatonville... weathermen and women are Tripping up on how much we’re gonna get by Sunday..... but don’t worry..... I’ll keep you guys posted here!!!!!!

We had a local weather guy run for senate this last go around he lost to the Democrat with ties to our Queen.
I told mom if he had been the sports guy he would have probably won in a landslide but as a weather man no one believes him because he is wrong so often
We got about 7 flakes today but it's cold as fuuuuck all the sudden so the existing moisture on the pavement froze slick as shit. My heavy, underpowered flatbed was all over the place when I stepped on the skinny pedal. :laughing:
Bit of snow really fucks you southerners up, eh?
Getting ready to head in to work for a 12 hour shift of snow removal at a hospital in Portland

Which hospital? I have to pick up the medical waste on Saturday at Kieser in Clackamas.
We're supposed to get 7" or so by Sunday. I put the studs on the truck today. Not a lot coming down currently but it's definitely snowed a bit. Hope we get a bunch so I can play toy trucks in some quality snow. :laughing:
I went cruisin around 4pm, metro pdx was fine as far as road condition. Drove out to sandy area through gresshsm and it was getting shitty fast, roads iced quick and at every intersection you could hear spinning tires. Still not much more than half inch of snow here in ne pdx.
How fast you driving to be able to hang onto the banks like that?
Got enough here that it's starting to stick to the road. Just saw a jacked up JK Wangler drive by the house at about 4mph, looked scared.
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