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Jun 8, 2020
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Some may remember the ceiling thread on Pirate. That has been on the back burner cuz of other shit going on but we've decided on a drop ceiling and are gathering up supplies for the 191 sq foot room. So far we like the Armstrong drop kits and most likely going with that. This is a first time project for both of us so got a few questions for those who've installed these before so I can get everything ordered up.

Would three 64 sq ft kits be enough or would it be best to get four? The room is L shaped so I am not sure if that plays a factor on the number of kits needed.

Any other supplies such as hangers, hooks, etc be needed?

If you know of a better drop kit then feel free to change my mind. The kits that go directly on the joists will not work. We need a 6" drop.
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lay it out on paper, so you know how the layout will look.
using 2x4 or 2x4
lay it out so you equal sides and end if you can.

i can do it in cad if you want.
just send all the info.

also what kinds of lights and where you going to place them .

get a shit ton of wires and eye hooks

which way you run mains and runners is important too.
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sketch out the room with dimensions for us to see. I've never bought a "kit" I just buy the pieces I need and install it. Get it level around the border and keep a center from sagging. It doesn't sound like a very big room, should be no issue.
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