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Drinking for Trump


May 21, 2020
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On the night of Nov 9, 2016, I was heavy into a half rack of light American beer, when all the networks called Trump for President within a few minutes.

I went over to the Diag at the south campus and shouted "FUCK YOU!" at the top of my lungs for a solid 12 minutes. A long time. Full diaphragm involvement. You know how loud that FUCK YOU booms.

After I tired of this, temporarily, I went back over to my apartment directly across the street to get another beer (and to water my throat). As I was returning to the Diag to continue shouting and dancing, two Police Officers got into a cruiser in front of my house. I approached them across the city street, openly carrying and even swigging from a can of beer. I shouted "Yeah Trump won!" and raised my beer. They averted their eyes laughing and drove off. Odd.

So I kind of walked around smiling and went back inside to do something. Then I realized later they had probably been called for disturbance of the peace and had decided that whoever was shouting FUCK YOU!! in the center of the UMich Diag had left the area.

That was a pretty nice thing for the cops to do. :beer: I was thinking of breaking my months-long streak of not drinking to see Trump on his way. If I was not drinking to not drink, I might not. But the rationalization is, I'm just losing my blubber, so the beer can be justified. So here I go, to the gas station (where I bought my 2016 beer), to buy a half-rack of beer to celebrate the passing of a Great Administration and /ourpotus/,

Donald J Trump


You live in an apartment across the street from a college, and you're how old?
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So you're close to 50, live in apartment that you fail to pay rent on, still roam college campuses at night, yelling drunk like an idiot teenager that can't hold his cheap beer.....

Things I wouldn't brag about, and I live in a fucking camper.
nooB and teh conservative atheist need to have babies together.... those kids will make some informed fucking voters.
Great Administration? No. Policy wise the Trump administration was fair at best. Certainly better than a Hillary administration would have been. His single biggest legacy will probably be Supreme Court appointments but it will be years before we have a final verdict there. He did not go far enough shoring up the second amendment and should have gone a lot further cutting Federal bureaucracies down to size; especially the EPA. The surveillance state continues to grow. Anti-trust law should have been applied to the huge social media companies.

In terms of personal style, Trump was a complete failure. If he had maintained even a minimal level of decorum then he could have easily walked away with the 2020 election.
You know what, fuck the haters. I'll have a shot for Trump right now with you. He's a big asshat, but man he put up with some shit for 4 solid years on my behalf. Spent too much tax money, but the rest was pretty damned good.

Fine, I’ll post it.

Cheers! :beer:

I too am drinking for President Trump, he did a lot of good for the country weather you liked him or not. I personally will miss him as POTUS.:usa::beer:

Class acts

Everyone windered where the fawk.......
We kin prolly blame bass n truck...
The perfect PBB prodigy test tube baby..
Troll extreme..?
Or confirmed One D Ten T ?

Drinking, watching Motortrend and laughing at everyone feeding Noob’s ego. :laughing:

Based bus-station beer. Here's to you my friend, if you've got the time, I've got the beer. My own beer. I mean, Mill-er beer.

Everyone windered where the fawk.......
We kin prolly blame bass n truck...
The perfect PBB prodigy test tube baby..
Troll extreme..?
Or confirmed One D Ten T ?

Welcome my commode-challenged friend.

I salute you both:

Not even close, you're trying to hard.
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By gawd! Ah she's fukd up there!
Speekn o drankn, a spell ago I found that corona shit everyone's bin goin awn an fukn on about, so I contained that bitch, coated the ragged edges with smallpox, cuz its the way thangs are done in the north.
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