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Does anyone make double shear arms for the PR60?

No idea. Are they specific only to Dynatrac? ie. their own bolt pattern/spacing. Just curious.
PR60 = ProRock60 = centersection ? Dynatrac says it's optionable with standard ball joint knuckles or Reid kingpin knuckles, which do you have (or plan to get) ?
Double shear as in they tie into the stock knuckle hole?

It's easy enough to just get a piece of 1.25x.188 then weld tabs that tie into your current arm.
Standard ball joint, they seem to have their own stud pattern with 4 studs. I want the steering arm to line up with the knuckle for a double shear set up that will allow me to raise the tie rod up 2.5-3"
Dynatrac offers a driver side steering arm but it does not line up with the knuckle. I have a company in Indiana that should be able to build me one.
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