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DIY rear disconnect devices

No way

Viking Mothfukle
May 19, 2020
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Under the bus
Trying to come up with a "design" for tard-fabbed front dig.
Anyone here made it and/or care to share your ideas?

I assume I could buy something from a good offroad fab shop but there's the money issue and the desire to fuck shit up on my own :laughing:
How much wheelbase you got?

I'd get a CAD axle, cut out the CAD part and then fuck around with bearings, seals, shaft retention and putting new splines on the shaft.

Actually on second thought you're probably better off integrating it into the output of a transfer case since that cuts the work in half and saves length.
Wheelbase is gonna be in the 95" area. Plan is to run a transverse FWD setup so the FWD final drive will act as a 1:1 transfer case.

Could base it off a regular splined shaft i guess, something like this:
Run a Super Duty front axle out back. Get rear steer and you can just unlock the hubs from the cab with the factory vacuum setup. The two shaft/sliding coupler deal seems like a major weak point.
Unpossible. I'm gonna run Mog 404's and class regulations states no rear steer.

I'm thinking carrier bearings on both sides of the disco would be ideal but space is limited and with the short wheelbase I'll need the disco unit to be as short as possible.
Cut the disconnect unit out of a front axle, leave the axle shaft long. Add bearings, seals, yokes/flanges to each end of the disconnect unit and hard mount that right behind the transfer case.
Is there a way to adapt the superduty unit bearings to the 404 with a set of those machined weld on cups?
What about swapping a selectable locker inside the trans ?

I know some people put a D30 ARB locker inside Honda transmissions (commonly used for transaxle buggies) which makes it for an easy disconnect. Unlock your "center diff" then front dig as normal.
Im my opinion a CAD setup would work, I run the cad always locked, welded front on 38" TSLs and drive like an asshole. The shaft is huge in the disco section
Can you graft the CAD into the Mog long side axle tube? Selectable locker selected open + CAD disconnected = no drive at all on that axle. Don't waste the driveshaft length that way either, and the CAD is designed for axleshaft level torque, so you should be fine there, particularly upstream of the portals. Question becomes if you can adapt that coupling to Mog shafting, I don't know what a Mog non-steer axleshaft looks like to start with.
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