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Different thread pitch?


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May 19, 2020
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Ok so I blew up a 10 bolt with a G80, shocking right?:lmao:
Edit because dumbass. Rig is a 2000 silverado 1500 z71
well being a part time dumbass I decided to replace it with the closest plug and play I could find. Having 4:10’s made finding a used one on CL like looking for unicorns. So I stsrted calling yards and found a 10bolt out of an SS with 4:10’s. Everything I found was its the same same. I yanked out the old POS and swapped everything over I wanted to keep. Mainly new rotors, pads and calipers. Well I get her all bolted in and everything hooked up and go to connect the drive shaft. Fucking clips are jist a bit to big. Look online and it seems that fairly common and eople just onling the holes a bit amd good to go. Well holes are lines up and none of the bolts will thread. I assumed, note it begins with ass, that the threads are the same. Did I assume wrong? Is the new to me rear end just need a tap to clean the threads? Or am I stupid and bought an axle that has a completely different setup and I should just use fire to fix the problem. The better half would probably not go for the last solution as she has sentimental attachment to the truck or honestly it wpuld have been replaced by a used 2500 gasser.
differemt thread size or just need a tap to clean the threads?
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