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Detroit police shooting


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May 20, 2020
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This happened around noon today the video was released around 7pm

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Pull a gun on a cop, get extra holes in your stupid ass

Cue the BLM riots... I mean “Peaceful protests”, followed by the blubbering family showing pictures of Tyronjamal in his Sunday best from eight years ago
They were protesting shortly after the shooting the local news said a family member claimed he was unarmed and gunned down. There's been protest for over a month in the city looks like they got the video out fast to keep things from getting ugly.
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Cop completed Manure Handling 101 training, good shot.

Releasing the video better be an effective advocacy, telling the right story is understanding the bigger picture-
I’m glad the cops released the video, Broke down the engagement and handled it publicly.

Great improvement on how they generally handle this kinda thing.
Here's the local news recap of today's shit show between 4-7 minutes in shows the crap they deal with and the mothers interview at the end

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I agree , don't glamorize the worthless piece of shit!
Video w/o the bullshit:

Works embedded here w/o sign in.

Wow, that officer was staring down a barrel from point blank, looks like it missed him by his reaction.
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