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Dana's Ultimate 60 Front Axle & PSC Ram Length


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May 19, 2020
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Grass Valley, CA
Can anyone out there confirm that the Ultimate Dana 60 front axle uses a ram with 6.75" of stroke? Ordering parts for a future project, but could not confirm this measurement.
Sure someone might be but I'm not aware that there is a single length ram that work for everyone application, they don't have a factory mount for a ram? Also seems a bit short. Maybe call PSC and see if they have some info.
Just buy 8” ram and limit it if it’s too long.
Plus, one measurement isn't going to help you unless you have identical steering arms.

Using the steering arms that are cast into the knuckles that come with the axle so I would assume all Ultimate 60's from Dana would be the same.

Just trying to save time by ordering the correct length ram before the axle arrives. Thanks all for the info. If nothing else I'll swing by WFO and chat with Trevor and the guys as they are just a few miles from us.
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