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Dana 44 high steer arms


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Jun 8, 2020
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This may be more of a newb question but I cant seem to find info on this. I have an older set of chevy flat top knuckles that are milled and tapped and came with an arm bolted to it. I need to swap out the right arm for one with 2 holes.

Are these all tapped to the same pattern? Meaning all brands interchange and I dont have to stick to a particular brand? I bought the knuckles through parts mike many a years ago.
Only two holes mounting the arm to the knuckle or you mean two tapered holes to mount a tie rod and drag link? I believe they are symmetrical side to side and match the OEM 3 hole pattern. I have a set of OE D44 Zamboni knuckles that were factory drilled and tapped on both sides with a matching pattern
They should be. An easy check would be to measure between studs from side to side.
Yeah sorry I meant the 3 holes for the studs to mount the arm to the knuckle. Are those all the same from brand to brand? Or do some use a different pattern?
Same. Some have a 4th hole for Reid aftermarket knuckles. I personally haven’t ever seen sheared 44 studs so may not be worth it.

I personally like sky manufacturing arms. But most of them are the same.
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