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Custom Holster for Kimber Pro CDP II With 4" Barrel


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May 19, 2020
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San Diego, Kalifornia
I have been having no luck finding a decent holster for my Kimber Pro CDP II. Its hard to find a decent holster to fit the shorter barrel. Anybody got any links to a custom holster maker who isn't crazy expensive, or a holster maker that might carry it?
I bought one from Craft Holsters, which is one of the few I have found on-line that have it available, and its total crap. Can't carry it in Condition One because the strap is too wide and when you try to snap it, it pushes the safety off. Stamping to form to the pistol is shallow, blurry and crooked at the ends. Tension screw is crooked. Leather is thin and untreated on the inside, and their customer service blows monkey dick.
Leather only or are you open to kydex?Is this owb or a concealment rig? If kydex is an option, dale fricke makes mine for me and they have been top notch for everything I have needed. He will chat with you before making anything, so you know what you want is included. Proces are good as well. https://dalefrickeholsters.com/
I like leather, but might try a Kydex holster. OWB rig that protects the pistol and is comfortable. Pistol is light and skinny so there is no reason other than the holster for it to be anything else. I prefer paddle holsters for daily use because they are easy to take on and off.
I carry a 4" Springfield Arms 1911 and have a great convertible IWB/OWB from the Southern Trapper. Nicest holster I've ever owned, and they were great to work with. Highly recommended.
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