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Craigslist WTF

After seeing how that hanger is mounted, i bet they're going to link it. cause hardcore
safer than the harbor freight jack stands that could suddenly collapse that they just recalled.
Wholly chit!
even with the frame swap, them cabs aint to comfy.
I dd'd one for 15 years with a nailhead buick!
Tuesday worthy CL find.
There should be a fist comes out of your monitor and throat punches you if you don't screen shot and post the cl ad to the forum as apposed to a fucking link that expires!

And that my friend, is why I don’t frequent the CL WTF threads much. So much winning coupled with so much fail is frustrating.
Does anybody think the front is good looking? It's obvious that a lot of time and money went into this, but didn't this guy have any friends that came into his garage and say "man, you got to change this"

i notice he doesnt mention axle upgrades. (Except for gears) Of course it has a knarley stereo.

Hopefully, the original Bronco was a rust bucket.
At least they're not ask $35,000 for it. Drivetrain maybe worth the $1,500.
Damn, if I cut 2 feet off my 2002 super duty the value goes up about $15k ?!?!

$21600 for a 20yr old truck with 353000 kms?
I paid $4700 for mine 6 years ago with slightly less kilometerage

What is that in freedom measurements? 240k?

It will probably sell for close to that if it's clean.

Also, 6 years ago trucks were cheaper :homer: I paid $5k for my cclb 7.3/5spd 97 with 200k, but I'm not delusional enough to think I couldn't get considerably more for it today. In fact I could probably find a sucker who would paye double that with 340k miles.
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