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Coyote calls. need advice


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Jul 12, 2020
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Oklahoma City Ok.
Looking for a recommendation on a good electronic call. Coyote call

Found a deadbone, Its american made and I really like that but not sure how good of a call it is.

Thanks in advance
Interested also. Saw one across the street from my house and instantly decided I needed something to attract them. :evil:
Bring home a bunch of stray cats. That will attract them.
I used a jackrabbit distress call (not electric) a couple times. I was not successful in calling in a coyote, but the rabbits were curious and started coming in. I went out with a buddy who had an electric call and I could not stand that thing. We sat there sweating our balls off and listened to blood curdling animal screams for hours and got nothing but PTSD. I lost interest in yote hunting after that
Get a open reed call, learn how to make different distress sounds. Never have to worry about batteries or carrying more stuff into the field. I've killed lots of predators using them.
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