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Simone Griffin

BLM has started scoping for the Cottonwood Travel Management Plan in Southern Montana near Bridger. An initial route evaluation has been completed. 320 miles of routes are being analyzed and BRC wants to ensure that the route report is accurate and that the inventoried routes stay open through this planning process.

This online power point shows the different alternatives they are considering. They’ve also provided a .kmz file of the area.

Submit a comment below to the BLM and let them know that motorized routes are crucial for continued access for recreation and economic influence in the area. If you are aware of any specific routes that may be missing from the inventory, please identify those as well. Also if you’re from this area, and you use any of the routes proposed to be closed in any of the alternatives, let us and the BLM know. Comments are due November 19, 2023.


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