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Corn Flakes anyone?


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May 19, 2020
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San Mexico
Ahh, Peruvian Angel Flakes please. :grinpimp:


Federal officers have seized a shipment of about 44 pounds of cocaine-coated corn flakes.

The bust was carried out by agents with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) — with the help of a narcotic detector dog called Bico — in Cincinnati on Feb. 13.

According to the CBP, the shipment could have a street value of up to $2.82 million.

The drugs were found in a large shipment of cereal boxes, brand name Angel, which had originated from Peru, and were headed to a private residence in Hong Kong.

Um. I looked at an atlas and Peru to Hong Kong doesn't really make sense to ship through Cincinnati.:lmao:
But what do I know, I don't ship drugs around the world.
Have you ever tracked a package being moved by FedEx?

I’ve had some that had me wondering “WTF?” :confused:

Had one recently that the tracking would have been funny if it wasn't 3 days beyond the estimated delivery date and still not here.

California > Tennessee > Ohio > Texas > Minnesota > Montana (me) > Washington (wait, no, stop, come back!)> Illinois > Montana (delivered)
The only reason they got caught was that they were stupid enough to package them as corn flakes and not frosted flakes. Amatures.
I had one package go from NC to CO via Miami and Hawaii. No joke.

There's a guy I surf with who sells flowers to florists/big companies/etc. His company grows the flowers in Colombia, then flies them via 747 to Florida, and they're distributed across the country via airplane. I told him I couldn't believe it's cheaper to do it that way and joked his whole operation runs drugs. He laughed, and said it is and he doesn't.... riiiight.
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