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Cool Shit You Didn't Know Existed

I was at the IPPE (poultry/feed/meat industry) trade show last year, the company that builds that first piece of equipment that looks like a chicken lawnmower had a bunch of them there. Lots of neat stuff from all aspects of the feed/growth/processing cycle.

Weird to go to lunch at the food court, surrounded by chicken fingers and Nathan's hot dogs, and think about how much of the food there came from equipment that was also on display in the building :laughing:
That is pretty cool! We have chickens and I know how much work it is to round them up.

It's like a salad shooter for poultry! 😄
Thats similar to what I call the unusual tools they get at tractor supply that I look and then a lot of times buy when they put them on clearance. I call them "weird tools that I never knew existed but now want to have.
Who wouldn't want a spudwrench/1/2and3/8 ratchet/hammer? Or Adjustable wrench/prybar?
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