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Cool page numbers

Fawkin A MAN!!! This place just keeps getting better and better... Dang Austin, take a break man!
Lightning fast improvements. I stopped buying stars years ago.

I just bought one here. Thanks for the hard work.

Also got rid of the dumb thread navigation that was here .....
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Hopefully that makes more sense.
Every time I log in this place gets better. Hell, I didnt even realize it had gone back to mobile view after setting it to desktop.
Holy shit.

I'm calling it now - in 10 years, Austin is gonna sell out and it'll take 5 more years before the bboard moves again :lmao:

Thanks Austin!
It's almost like admin listens to users and makes changes promptly. WTF is going on here in bizarro land?!
And now there are page numbers under the thread titles in the forum listings - Austin , you are kicking some serious ass!

Thank you! :beer:

EDIT: note the irony of folks posting how happy they are at a place named "irate" :laughing:
Nice add-on.
Any way to get the pages you have already visited change color? The Meme thread is one of my favorites, but some days there may be a single post, sometimes a lot. I usually start at the last page I was on. Not a big deal with 13 pages, but when it gets to a couple hundred, might help.
Also helpful when trying to find the post you looked at yesterday, don't remember the title, but it is now 3 pages down.
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