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Confuser Issue. Is it me or everyone?

I had the confused aids as well. All better now, didn’t change any settings.
Same shit. Rebooted phone and no change. Randomly checked again and back to normal. Must be a Tuesday thing. :flipoff2:
When I click on a topic I get this screen:

The forum topics screen looks normal. If I scroll down in the topic I get to the posts, but have to highlight everything to read.

that unimog in the photo, how did it get there? its a local ad that i saw not long ago.

you are stealing my cookies, aint you bastid.
oh wait its yiur avatar. the fawk. did you just buy the thing?

You saw that in an ad? Can you find it again and save it?

I bought that burnt in a fire about 15 years ago. That is a picture my father took.

Fuckin spooky if someone is using it in an ad. I had that pic in a thread on pirate.
Im looking at it on my phone and its a small pic, so it is very possible i seen one similar color and similar angle of photo. it was a couple months ago, local seller, even exchanged some texts.

or maybe i am just getting old and getting memories/pictures mixed up. :(
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