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Concrete deck blocks + 4x4 for car canopy?


May 26, 2020
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I need to put up some shade in a dirt lot, bit more than a tent because it gets windy here at times (maybe 30mph? top of a hill)

I dont want anything permanent, so I was thinking concrete deck blocks with 4x4 posts every 10ft, and maybe 2x6 at the top, with plastic corrugated sheeting at the top, and maybe roll up tarps on the side. I could tie it into pallet racks?

Could this work? Id like it to be maybe 10x50.

bonus question, if i wanted a 50x50 space, 10 feet tall, could I use 4 big steel posts, I beams on top?

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I'd 100% bolt it down to concrete footings in the ground
unless you've got like exposed bedrock, you say it is on a hill?
longest hammer drill bit on the shelf at homodepot plus allthread and that sikaflex concrete anchoring epoxy would give plenty of holding power if you got exposed solidish rock
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