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Christmas star


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May 19, 2020
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NE Indiana
Supposed to be visible tonight. Post your pics. Im sure it will be overcast here.


With this year’s winter solstice comes more than just confirmation of our already-cold weather and ever-fleeting daylight: The rare “Christmas Star” will be visible for the first time in 800 years.

Each year, Earth’s northern hemisphere enters the winter solstice on Dec. 21 -- the shortest day of the year -- officially marking the start of winter. This year, bright planets Jupiter and Saturn will align perfectly on Dec. 21 to create what is commonly called the Christmas Star or the “Star of Bethlehem.”

According to NASA, Jupiter and Saturn align with one another every 20 years or so, but not nearly as close together as they will be in 2020. The planets have not aligned this closely in about 400 years, nor has their alignment been visible (occurred at night) in about 800 years.

The timing of the occurrence couldn’t be more perfect: The winter solstice may be the shortest day of the year, but that also means it’s the longest night of the year -- so there will be plenty of opportunity to take a peak at this once-in-a-lifetime star.

Experts say the Christmas Star can be seen by the unaided eye just after sunset on Dec. 21, 2020. Just make sure you’re facing southwest.

It’s also possible that the phenomenon will be visible throughout the week.

We suggest you seize this opportunity if you can -- experts believe Jupiter and Saturn won’t be this close together again for at least another 60 years.
Here it is from South FL through my Costco special telescope. iPhone didn’t do the image justice, looked much better in the eyepiece.

Not taking a cell pic but I can see it fantastic from here. I’ve been watching Saturn / Jupiter for over a month. I can see the rings on Saturn in the morning on my way to work with just my glasses on
Can it be seen all night? Been looking and not catching anything.
too foggy in much of CA to see shit. Cant even point to where the moon is.

We saw it earlier, when the moon was obstructed by some high clouds. Now we can barely see it because the moon is to bright. Wish I still had my telescope.
Went out to the overlook by Lake Natomas, the fog was starting to set in so it wasn’t that bright. May try to go out earlier tomorrow and take the telescope.
Great pics! I was cloudy and raining here last night. We couldnt even see the moon.
Been watching them get closer for a few months now during my evening runs, Halloween was super cool with Jupiter, Saturn and the moon forming a nice triangle high in the evening sky. Very disappointing that we had so much cloud cover last night, hoping that while it won't be as close, that we get the sky cleared up tonight to get a good view.

Went out to the country last night to view. We had some low clouds on the horizon, but we were able to see Jupiter and Saturn.

Went out to the country last night to view. We had some low clouds on the horizon, but we were able to see Jupiter and Saturn.

We were looking through a setup much like that one, it was awesome. Pics don't do the view justice and I was in awe of how fast they are moving. These are with my IPhone



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That's not the friggin' Christmas Star, Gris... Its the light at the sewerage treatment plant.
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