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chinese routers and back doors


kinder and gentler
May 20, 2020
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lake erie
please, stick with a not shit router from a reputable manufacturer.
Or put DDWRT on these piles of shit.

Besides the Walmart-exclusive Jetstream router, the cybersecurity research team also discovered that low-cost Wavlink routers, normally sold on Amazon or eBay, have similar backdoors. The Wavlink routers also contain a script that lists nearby wifi and has the capability to connect to those networks.

We have also found evidence that these backdoors are being actively exploited, and there’s been an attempt to add the devices to a Mirai botnet. Mirai is malware that infects devices connected to a network, turns them into remotely controlled bots as part of a botnet, and uses them in large-scale attacks. The most famous of these is the 2016 Dyn DNS cyberattack, which brought down major websites like Reddit, Netflix, CNN, GitHub, Twitter, Airbnb and more.

thye come out of the box with a remote interface ready to accept scripted commands.
Is this really any surprise? I've always assumed any electronic device with any componentry (regardless of manuf'r) sourced from overseas that is network capable could 'phone home' for any number of reasons. My background is cybersecurity and my normal tinfoil tendencies combined with that combine for a perfect storm on these things... :D
And now their #1 guy is about to take over and give them anything that's left.
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