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China has won already


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May 21, 2020
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Eric Schmidt, ex google ceo states:

“China is on its way to surpass us in many, many ways, and they’re cleverly run in a way that’s different from the way we would ever want to run. We need to take them seriously… they’re going to end up with a bigger economy, more R&D investments, better quality research, wider applications of technology, and a stronger computing infrastructure.”

“The Chinese model is a vision of high-tech authoritarianism which is incompatible with the way America works. I’m not saluting it, I’m not endorsing it in any way, but I’m telling you to take it seriously (…) It has benefits from the standpoint of the strategic execution.”

So is China going to run the world soon?
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Weevil Twat is a gasoline-huffing, thoroughly moronic **** - according to "sources" :flipoff2:

EDIT: on-topic

The techies who were all for offshoring for decades have finally caught up to the concerns of tangible producers.

Welcome to the adult table, you selfish little bitches - hope it's not too late.
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Yes and the rest of the world will strip whats left of your privacy rights away in the name of Corona contact tracing, then switch that over to the social credit system under the guise of competing with china.

The only good thing coming out of these riots is it probably set that electronic contact tracking system back a bit because people have been red pilled pretty hard on COVID and are writing it off as BS.
Yeah, I wouldn't doubt if China takes over the world in 5-50 years.

Even Trump's comrades can't keep up with their determination and sheer volume.

inb4 ifyoudontlikethiscountryyoucanleave
The ony think Chins has produced that lasted more than 6 months is the Corona virus, Their shit will sink or fall frm the sky in less. Maybe:laughing:
China is a facade, covering a pile of shit.

This isn't far off. China has figured out how to produce volumes, but it is structured based on mandatory expansion (growth). They refine existing tech, some bought and some stolen, and market it at under market prices, mostly by beating down their currency. Looking at current trends, it looks like China is on a course to quickly surpass everyone. BUT.... what they have built depends on some bigger country buying all that stuff. So far they have depended on the US, and some of it in Europe to make the pyramid scheme work. That system will not function if they become the "consuming" country.

China may find a path from their current "Paper Tiger" arrangement, but it will require a huge transformation from what they currently do, and that is something that is not a strong suit for China. Top down authoritative command is typically not very nimble. Lets give it a little more time before we all start freaking out. There are good odds on China stumbling hard.
China has internal problems to deal with. Their overseas expansionism and outright theft of property (real and intellectual) has won them no friends. They're about to get into a war with India and 6 countries in the South China Sea ought to sink their "fisherman navy".
While I have always thought China having so many T-Bills is concerning I am pretty sure there are not enough countries in the world that are not US allies to sell all the cheap Chinese crap to if we went to war with them. They need to keep the market to keep their economy running.

Covid shut down international shipping and a war won't? :laughing:
China SHOULD have been top of the world 100 years ago, the schmidt thing isn't groundbreaking as far as i'm concerned.

what will be interesting is if they are able to innovate into the future rather than copy and maybe modify or build on slightly.
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