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Chess games you can play offline, on a laptop (Alienware)


May 26, 2020
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Republic of the Rio Grande
Where are my chess playing friends? personally, I play a lot on chess.com and for those on there, I'm just happy to stay over 1000.. I play 3 min games or like 3/1 or 3/2 games.. in person the most popular time setting with most people and myself is 10 mins each..

The next time I go to Las Tiendas ranch, I want to take my new Alienware laptop with me (where I won't have a signal most of the time) and PLAY CHESS AGAINST A COMPUTER..

Any RECOMMENDATIONS for any free game?

oh I almost always have my pro travelers set that is very popular with chess establishments or hosts.., however I've never seen anyone else with one that has a camo style outer bag.. like mine...

I get lots of great chess stories if anyone in interested.. I'm really quite good.. I used to roam around with the University of Texas Chess Team.. I was going somewhere else, but they let me hang out and play in open tournaments.. I just couldn't travel with them

by now I have probably played in at least 1000 tournaments in Texas.. like where you have to pay to play..

but I still think I need lots of improvement... better than most, not as good as some...
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You are on Chess.com and asked this question here?????

yeah, cuz like with many topics I trust people here, more than on other sites and stuff...

I get paranoid about many things )probably part of my schizo disorder).. and one of the things is trusting who I am listening to..

I don't trust people on there, and often think people are cheating.. so why should I trust them with this question about something I'm gonna install on my laptop
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You live on a ranch & have a HF wood chipper, play outdoor chess (most dangerous game)-
no one has really openly admitted to being on or roaming around with the t.u. Chess team.

These are strange times indeed.
Can you give the specs of the laptop so we don't recommend a game that it wont run? :flipoff2:
Can you give the specs of the laptop so we can all be impressed by your super awesome ALIENWARE laptop

Fixed for what the OP was really fishing for
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