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Cheap Easy 15 Inch Rims


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Jun 1, 2020
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I could use probably a dozen 15 and a few 16 inch 5x4.5 zero or minimum offset rims for some light duty yard and road trailers. I think full size fords used to be the hot ticket but here in the rustbelt they are long gone. I have some great self service hillbilly yards nearby to search with the average age of cars and trucks being 15 to 25 years old. Id like to have a list so I could head to the yards with an impact and jack and get a pile of them.
I always see ttb era ranger and explorer wheels on trailers. But even those are getting scarce.
I've been using winter rims (steel and studded winter tires) from a '97 cutlass supreme (they're metric but within .7 mm circle I think).

I also saved a set of steel escape wheels for same purpose.

Backspacing is no where near zero, but they work and clear. No idea if the bearings hate it.
Jeep KJ wheels were available as 16"s with a 5x4.5 pattern.
but the backspacing is like 5 inches.
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