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Jul 1, 2020
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Where do you guys order your chainsaw parts from? Amazon? Baileys? Or do ya just go to the dealer? I’m rebuilding a Stihl for my brother and haven’t dealt with the local dealer as I’m a Husqvarna guy personally.
Id like to know too, as I just picked up a Husqvarna 455 Rancher. Its brand new though so I don't forsee any issues. Cut up some downed trees with it today and it was amazing.

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I’ve been ordering carbs off of amazon. Replaced a tank on a MS250 with one I got off of eBay. Bought a new bar and chain at Northern Tool because they were the closest place that carried Stihl saws.
I get just about all my the parts for my Stihls on Amazon. Plugs, filters, bars, chains, sharpeners and misc other parts have all been from Amazon. If I had a dealer even remotely close to me I might buy from them, as it is I have to call ahead with the saw that I want so they can order it ahead of time for my pick up.That's kind of a PITA for the small parts though.
local dealership for me.

I give them machine numbers, they give me parts.
if it's wrong, they fix it.
Local, Bailey's, Chainsawr, and eBay/Amazon as a last resort.

Have heard decent things about Madsens, but never dealt with them myself.
I always buy chinese garbage, or used genuine, generally off ebay just for convenience sake
Thanks for the input. Ultimately he decided Chinese parts were fine for this saw (ms 210c). On his other saw however (038) he wants OEM, which I get to rebuild next.
Like others have said I shop around on the internet till I find a decent price. I have had good luck with the Baileys woodsman bars and chains. Got a 20" bar and 3 chains for 75$ on sale. The chains were reboxed Carlton brand chains.
I'm a little late but here goes. Madsens is great. I got 2 saws repaired and tuned up for what the local shop wanted to do just one. I'd highly recommend them especially to anyone within a couple hours of their shop. The other place I like is HL supply. https://www.hlsproparts.com/ They have lots of parts, good prices, and ship fast.
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