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Cell Signal Booster for Car / RV


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May 20, 2020
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We're moving to a more remote area, and we've also purchased a travel trailer and are doing more traveling. For work and such, I have to be accessible at times via cell phone. I'd like to find a cell booster that would work mobile (in the truck), and that could be easily moved to the travel trailer when stationary. Anyone have experience with them? Do they work? Recommendations?
Yes they work. But there is one major factor - they can only rebroadcast what is there. So if there is nothing it's not going to magically make a signal. If there is only 1 bar outside on the roof of the camper your only going to get 1 bar inside the camper

For install make sure to get the donor (outside antenna) as high as you can. This gives better signal and more isolation, allowing for more gain. Put the inside antenna as far from the outside as possible, again more isolation

​​As far as brands I do mostly commercial cell boosters but it's all the same companies. Nextivity/celfi are hands down the best engineered in that market and while they are a little more expensive it's not much. On the cheaper end Wilson makes decent stuff.

If you need internet I would consider either a Sierra or cradle point modem and drop a Sim in it. They have external mimo antenna connectors and can get more speed with low signal compared to the basic carrier Hotspot.
I don't think what you're wanting exists. As KF said the boosters simply bring outdoor signal indoor. They don't really "boost" anything and are mainly to get signal in steel buildings, houses with foil back decking, and buildings that for whatever reason block cell signal. Your truck and (probably) camper isn't blocking signal.
If you put one in, register it with your carrier. Bad boosters, and boosters transmitting in the wrong frequency are a huge problem for Cellular providers.
Wilson amplifiers if you use ATT, they cover all the major ATT bands and will work for just about everyone else as well. Just put this one https://www.wilsonamplifiers.com/weboost-drive-reach-cell-phone-booster-kit-470154/ in one of my superintendents trucks for a job where his phone only worked if he went up on the building roof. Great signal in the truck now and can access our remote software from his hot spot.

They will only boost what is there, none of them will work if there is no signal to boost.
We traveled for a few months with my wife working 4or 5 days a week. So we had to have signal every morning. As said by others you will need a hot spot and a booster. We also got a WiFi booster. We used the WiFi booster with our hotspot and it seemed to help. If we were at a camp ground with WiFi we could use it. Although most campgrounds dont put out strong signal. So if your not close to the main building you probably will not be able to pick it up. This will also allow you to use public access at other places as well. I used a collapsible pool cleaning pole to mount the antenna to side of camper. I could run it 10ft above the camper. We have 2 different antenna. A omnidirectional one and a directional one. The kit also allows you to make you own private network within a public connection.


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