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May 20, 2020
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Everyone but the driver keeps getting car sick in our VW Atlas. It even happens in the passenger seat. Kids are refusing to get in. Any thoughts on what to look at? We keep changing the ride settings but it isn’t helping. I don’t feel like losing my ass on trading in a new car but I might need to.
Do YOU get car sick when your in any other seat but the driver seat?

Does your wife and kids stare at their phones while riding down the road?
Do YOU get car sick when your in any other seat but the driver seat?

Does your wife and kids stare at their phones while riding down the road?

The first one made me think. Not really bad enough to say.

No. They don’t really dare look at their phones, read, draw, etc. they also don’t get sick in my 2500 Ram.

keep in mind we are a family of road warriors. My kids think anything under 12 hour drive is no big deal. My daughter once said “oh thank god” after I told her we were only going 10 hours north. They road an RV around the US.
That's weird that they get car sick in that one specific vehicle and not others. I used to get car sick as a kid occasionally on windy mountain roads. As an adult I'm fine unless I get on a helicopter. The only way I'll ever get on one again is if it's a flight for life and I'm the patient.

As for taking a financial beating, I mean it is a VW. You can take it now or you can take it later but you're taking it one way or the other.
I sometimes get car sick riding as a passenger in a small or confined vehicle. Are they simply not used to the size of this vehicle?
Previous vehicle was a 4Runner.

Atlas was by far the nicest of the mid sized SUV's <$60,000. The telluride was bad assed but the most expensive and nobody should pay a premium for a stupid Kia.
Have they ever ridden in anything but a truck or suv before?

I get sick and a headache when I ride in cars less than 2 or so years old. I don't know if it is the adhesives they use on the interiors, the fully sealed environment, or the way new cars in particular ride. For example every time I get in my girlfriends 2019 Altima it is nearly instant headache and nausea. Stepmom's new explorer did it too. If i'm driving it is tolerable, but as a passenger forget it. Trucks don't seem to do it as bad which makes me think it is the way the cars ride.
have you ever changed the cabin air filter ? not familiar with VW setup , but if it's plugged it could affect interior air quality ..
stupid question, is it front wheel drive, and have they been riding in rear wheel drive cars.
it makes a huge difference
Does it have a tv in it that they watch. Our minivan has a entertainment package and it has a fold down tv from the roof. One trip I rode in the back playing modern ware fare killing zombies. That was the worst car sickness I have ever gotten. It wa s from the concentration on the tv and all the movement of travel around the screen that caused my pea sized brain to melt down.

You won’t catch me doing that again.
My wife gets motion sick in anything except our Ram. Cousin who is a pilot recommended this to us. Wife swears by it. She never takes it off if we are driving. Doesn’t get to root cause of your issue with it being that one car but may help if nothing else does.

No TV in it, but they used to watch in the RV all the time. They also used to watch TV in my trucks with no issue.

we haven’t owned a car in 8 years or so. Just trucks and the 4 runner.

its AWD.

never looked at the cabin air filter.

Maybe we just need to stick with framed vehicles.
I can not ride in new cars for long, all the pvc-pipe-glue cancer smell just kills me
try opening the windows next time
My wife used to get car sick every time she rode in the M5. She always felt like it was because you felt every hint of acceleration or steering input. She can read all day long in a car but that one made her ill.
that would be my question.....maybe a bad seal on the rear hatch pulling fumes in?

Unless you have the hatch open a leaking seal by itself won't be an issue. Trust me I drive a lot of shitboxes. That said, a little bit of that plus a whole lot of new plastic and it's headache city.

Definitely try cruising windows down for awhile and see what happens.
I've had this happen before and my mom too with certain cars on long road trips. We always attributed it to windshield or dash angles on newer car.

My old man learned to get the car overnight and do a big freeway loop before driving after my mom puked all over a new car right after he got it and made her trade it in! :barf::lmao:
I’d get sick too if dad made me ride in a VW....are you sure it isn’t from shame:flipoff2:

This :flipoff2:​​​​​​

My FIL had a 00 grand cherokee that he bought blown up, and dumped a ton of money into rebuilding the motor and replacing a ton of other parts :rolleyes: after in burned, he admitted that he hated it. He said he got car sick driving it twice :laughing: He and my mother in law love road trips too, so it wasn't him, no idea what did it.
I've used negative ion machines to remove, not mask, remove terrible smells from cars, chain smokers, varnished gas, etc

maybe that would help? I'm a believer in it, I'm sure it would remove airborne toxins that you can't smell

between that and the cabin filter, seems to be the fastest cheapest thing to cross off

if you approach your dealer correctly, they may do it for you under warranty or customer satisfaction, they likely have a machine they use to re con used cars, the complaint might be chemical smells inside car
Running AC on recycle or fresh air? I can't stand most new rental cars if the air is on recycle. Not sure if it's the plastics or just the lack of fresh air in general...
My guess is shitty glass. One of my friends had a thunderbird that had a funky curve in the glass and I was OK as long as I didn't look out that glass. Unfortunatelt it was the windshield and the distortion happened at my eye level.
Ever used it on gear oil?

No, but...

I bought a shitbox sedan, been sitting 5 years, ripped back seat out, pulled access panel, verified fuel pump varnished and seized. Threw back seat back in and slammed the door and ordered fuel pump online. It came in a week later. I walked out to the car in 115deg heat and opened the door. I'd left The pump access open, and the windows sealed. The smell of varnished gas was overwhelming and soaked in, I seriously considered scrapping it or burning it to the ground. I replaced The pump, fired up the car. Grabbed the organic chia seed loving ex wife's neg ion machine from atop the fridge and an extension cord, 24 hours later it was fresh as fuck inside.
I'd be surprised if it didn't work on gear oil. But, you'd have to remove any and all actual oil first
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