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May 19, 2020
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Bolivar MO
The compressor in my Ram 3500 crapped the bed last summer while I was out of town.

fortunately there was a parts store across the street where I was stranded. So I bought a compressor to at least bet me home.

I had known it was on the fritz and had actually unplugged the clutch so that it wouldn't accidentally get turned on.

Not everyone pays attention lime I do :laughing:

Any how, It's getting warm again and this is the traveling rig.

So what else should I replace so I can get the AC charged up again?

I had it all figured out last year and it has totally slipped my mind.

My little bit of research isn't yielding satisfactory results:laughing:
Replace the filter drier and then vacuum it down and charge it up. At least that is what I'd do. It didn't sit with the lines off did it? You went ahead and hooked them right back up when you swapped in the new compressor right?

I hooked it back up because at least I knew it wasn't good to leave em disconnected.

Left the clutch unplugged as well.
Did the clutch or pulley seize up? And you installed a new compressor without vacuum and recharge?
would a non ac belt saved you some trouble? :laughing:
like suggested above, I’d replace the drier or accumulator and orifice tube. If the system sat open, I’d suggest flushing the evap and condenser if possible or buy a new one.
The non AC belt was the first thing I tried actually.

My truck has onboard air and a relocation bracket for the alternator.

The non AC belt wouldn't work:frown:

First the compressor seized up early in the summer and me not really being a windows up AC guy just unplugged the clutch and went on.

Then a few months went by and the clutch shit the bed:laughing:

So ya. New compressor in the welders supply parking lot on a 100+ degree day in Sacramento...Good times.

No tools to boot:laughing:

The new compressor hasn't been run yet it's just acting as an idler pulpy for the belt.
Replace drier and condenser and orifice tube if equipped Flush lines and evaporator. Charge with correct Freon and oil amount
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