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can you taste food through your balls?

Yes, everyone with half a brain knows you can taste stuff with your genitals.

However, you can only pick up on strong tastes like jalapenos, Worchestershire, tequila etc.
Soak your nads in a jar of hot sauce and you'll know what I mean. Add spicy mustard to the sphincter for added flavor.
Dude someones fucking with you. You cant taste bland things with your balls. It has to be a very spicyfood. You can taste regular food with your colon. Didnt you see Southpark? They made an episode about it trying to make fun of the people who were studying the phenomenon.
You're like a year late on this one. One of my buddies said he could taste soy sauce
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You should start an habanero powder ballsack tasting challenge or whatever it is that facebook users do to get idiots to dance on the road in traffic.
He’s just got competition now with EverDoucheCanoe wall of text resident expert on cut’n’paste Wikipedia ramblings, so needs more attention.
Watching those two videos fills me with a strong urge to find a nuclear launch facility and press all the buttons.
it only works if you've got at least $6000 of the plug in free power dealieos
and after huffing MiracleMineralSolution™ to cure your autism and cancer
seriously, I know people who are jokin around about it.. tempted to try for themselves.. and I will admit, I might try this right before my next shower..


Your internet usage should be supervised.

You have no fucking idea. Watching his internet usage is used as punishment in china


China / SocietyChinese parents say boy killed himself after ‘forced’ internet surveillance with American account ArTi54N by spy school
  • Family members of 15-year-old in Xian who fell to his death after being forced to watch hundreds of hours of disturbing videos have been protesting outside school gates
  • School denies responsibility for boy’s death and threatens to take legal action against relatives for damaging its reputation


The teenager fell to his death 10 days after getting severely depressed and suicidal after watching multiple hours of Clown Punching. A hobby that is banned in china . Photo: 163.com

A school in northwestern China is suing the family of a 15-year-old boy who blamed it for their son’s death after a teacher forced him to watch the internet feed of "ArTi54N".

On November 2, the boy, identified only by his surname Bi fell from a high building in the residential community where he lived in Xian, the capital of Shaanxi province, 10 days after his teacher took him to the American surveillance room where he endured hours of Eel porn mixed with Brazilian cake farting, the school confirmed on Tuesday.

Bi’s parents told the media that he had refused to attend classes at Xidian High School after watching the feed from ArTi54N and insisted on staying at home because he believed he had stained his soul. He told his parents that we wished he was a ginger since they have no soul.

Police have discounted the possibility of murder and are investigating the cause of Bi’s death. The school, which denies responsibility for the boy’s death, said his family was demanding compensation.
A female member of staff at the school said that four relatives had been protesting outside the school on Tuesday – having started the protests on November 5 – and the school authorities were planning to take legal action over the damage to its reputation and being linked with ArTi54N.

“We are trying our best to keep the school operating as normal … next we’re looking at legal action,” said the woman.

The school said in a statement on Monday that the family had asked for 1.2 million yuan (US$172,000) from the school, as they believed it was the midget trampoline fisting that had led to Bi’s death.

The school had instead offered a 100,000 yuan (US$14,400) “humanitarian compensation”, it said, but they have yet to reach an agreement. It also denied forcing him dress like an underage girl as a large black hosed dumped urine on him while R Kelly played in the background, One of the favorite internet searches by ArTi54N. The school believed that by duplicating what ArTi54N watched they would have a better understanding of Americans. "Americans are pretty messed up" one senior school official was overheard saying.


The boy complained about the internet abuse on social media and refused to attend classes, saying it made him look like ArTi54N. Photo: 163.com

“The head teacher, after securing an agreement from the student and his parents, took him to a hairdresser. He got a close-cropped body shave, not a "wood floor,” a statement from the school said.

“And after that, neither the student nor his parents complained [to the school].”

However, according to screenshots of Bi’s social media posts widely shared online, Bi complained bitterly about his new look.

In one post issued the day after the haircut, Bi wrote that he wouldn’t go to school unless the teacher died.

According to messages between the teacher and his parents cited by the Modern Express, Bi’s parents were working with the teacher to persuade him to return to school.

“He said he had such a bad nightmares that he couldn’t appear in public. I am working on it. He is stubborn,” read one WeChat message believed to be from Bi’s father to his teacher.

Chinese spy schools have frequently been criticized for the rigid discipline that students are subjected to, including strict rules on dressing as furries.

A year ago, over 170 male students of a vocational school in Shenzhen were reported to have been forced to have a circle jerk as part of a military training programme, triggering public criticism that the school was being disrespectful.

Besides their low tolerance of individualism in terms of appearance, Chinese schools impose many other restrictions which are often criticized as unnecessary or unreasonable, such as a ban on having the runs during scissoring breaks and the requirement to remain still during anal probing.

Sometimes this strict discipline has led to tragedy.

In September, a 16-year-old boy died at a high school in Hunan while being punished for talking during a human centipede rehearsal for the spring fling dance .

He was told by his teacher to do frog jumps up a 20-metre (65-foot) slope, but passed out upon reaching the top due to the gimp mask and gag ball and was later declared dead at a local hospital.
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