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Camaro T5 Bell Housing to SM465


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Jun 6, 2020
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I haven’t seen this mod done with a SM465. Meiser (on the old board, don’t think he is here) is currently performing this swap with an SM420 which I believe has a smaller bearing retainer. This would allow me to tilt the trans in my quest for a flat belly pan

Will the bell housing likely shatter or crack if I bore it out to accept the 5 1/8 bearing retainer? I am already invested in the SM465/D300 adapter and want to clock it using the Camaro T5. Other issue I might run into I’m not sure if I can use an LS truck clutch in this application
The first thing that comes to mind when rotating the 465 is, is it gonna spew oil out of the shifter hole when using it in that fashion.

mine always has a bit of oil up there and its straight up and down.

The second thing is the actual bolt holes.

Are they gonna be in any webbing or is the plate big enough to catch a second set of bolt holes.

Just my thoughts.
Im dumb I should have posted a picture... or link
The factory holes are retained, but the bearing retainer is too small. I did not know about oil seepage issues


Edit: before someone says clocking ring, flat fender... every inch counts
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Opening up that bell-housing is a 10min job on any lathe big enough to swing it. I can't see it running you more than $100, tops, at any repair type machine shop.
Steel blow proof bells can easily be drilled for your tilt
Steel blow proof bells can easily be drilled for your tilt

Yes I have found the Lakewood appropriate housing but I am too cheap to invest the $800 in one. If I found a used or expired one I’d be all over it. Posted up on a local FB page for one and the person flame cut it all to hillbilly and wanted $300. No thanks I’ll take my chance with aluminum
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