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California vote by mail backfire


May 19, 2020
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Was just listening to the radio and heard that a seat was flipped to a republican in California because of the “vote by mail” that the Dems wanted so bad.

Sounds like a large number of Dems didn’t even mail the ballot Back in.

So now who do they blame? Russia?:laughing::laughing:
They thought what's the point of voting if you can use it as an excuse to get off work.
I remember in the midterm election last time, a lady at work was all puffed up about "we have to do something about this political situation! we need to change things! Trump has to go!"

I told her, well, that's what voting is for, are you registered to vote?

She looked at me funny and said, "Registered?"

I know what the problem is. See, the poor communities don't have the requisite notary publics for the mail in ballots. The Right knew that they'd be able to voter suppress all sneaky-like because of these notary deserts. Once again, everyone is keeping poor people down except the poor people themselves.
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