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Bumper Sticker Printing


May 19, 2020
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Is there an economical way to print from home? Or is this line of work strictly for those that work in print shops?

Use the old inkjet for small batches and sub out the rest?

What websites have you guys contracted with for sticker printing?

Got quoted $1.50 to 2ish each for the local shops to do it, $1.10 through a friend. I feel like that still seems high for a super basic sticker with 4 words on it.
Dunno bout home brewing yer own.
But last time I did a batch for my club the #'s were real close, everyone doing them must go to the same bar!
Isn't that what those cri'cut things are for? Every white women between 20-40 bought one last year and 99% probably only used it a few times. I'm sure you could get one 2nd hand for cheap.
What do you want it to say?

My dad had a shit ton printed years ago that said "He Did It"

Right around the same time OJ got arrested.:lmao:
I have a good bumper sticker idea: Shut the fuck up Greg!!!!!111!
Friends wife works on the industry and starting out on her own. Whatcha need specifically?
1) Make 100s of "ALL BUMPER STICKERS SUCK!" bumper stickers
2) Stick them on random cars that have bumper stickers
3) Something, something . . . underpants
4) Profit
5) :flipoff2:
Joe and the Hoe 2020. Then go to the liberal cities, obviously wesring mask and gloves to stay safe and put them on any car with a biden sticker.

Trump is my president. Once again go to liberal cities and find where BLM and Antifa stage. After they leave place them on their cars and watch the ensuing entertainment.
"Political statement"
"Bathroom humor"
"Comment about your driving"
"Sports team"
"Political statement"
"Bathroom humor"
"Comment about your driving"
"Sports team"

Always hate buying cars with stickers on them, if I'm gonna be driving the shitbox they gotta go.
I leave the goop on there because I don't give a shit how terrible it looks, just anything's better than being someone with stickers on their car. :flipoff2:
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