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CO Buggy part out

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May 19, 2020
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Denverish, CO
It's in the process of being disassembled. I'm using a lot of it for the new rig but here's some parts I'm not.

Dana 70 LP
smooth bottom U housing
5.13 gears
Dana 80 spool, 35 spline
300 M shafts (kick ass offroad)
1/2 ton disk brakes
5/8 studs
1410 yoke(straps)
ruff stuff diff cover
comes with a spare stock shaft, a spare 300m shaft(has a slight twist in it), a spare yoke(if I can find it), and a spare set of gears(if I can find them)
64" WMS if I remember correctly, I'll measure again to make sure after the tires are off.

was a really awesome axle until I thought 43" stickys were the way to go. The rear truss has just been redone with 1/4" tube.

$1500 (couldn't buy the axle shafts and spool for that)

Dana 60 HP
'02ish superduty housing (shortened 4")
solid axle industries knuckles
solid axle industries hubs
35 spline drive slugs (poly performance)
5.13 gears
CTM u joints (rebuilt not that long ago)
chromoly shafts throughout(Branik inners, can't remember whos stubs)
1350 yoke
ruff stuff diff cover
1/2 Ton Chevy brakes

comes with a full set of shafts(chromoly), the used CTM caps, spare yoke(if I can find it), spare gearset(if I can find it), and a spicer joint or 2

THIS HOUSING IS BENT!!!!! Not so bent I wouldn't use it in a crawler. the short side has pulled out of the pumpkin twice, I've got it reinforced pretty good now but it does leak a little diff fluid out of the tube every now and again. And the RAM mount is visibly not square with the housing. This I also blame on 43" sticky tires.


$2300 with the 10" double ended ram and arms

(2)16" ORIs (SOLD)

I'll add parts and better pics to this post as time allows. Not going to be at KOH this year.
let me know if you want a better pictures of anything.

thanks, Dan



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