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Broken Phone: need pictures


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Jun 8, 2020
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So some may have read my other thread regarding the mental a-hole who has been following me for months. I have pictures on my phone of all the times he was spotted. My phone broke last night and I need to figure out how to get the pictures off. The screen is cracked and can only see the top left portion that is garbled. Plugging it in the computer via USB does nothing. It seems to boot up to the swipe pattern lock screen and then goes haywire.

Any tricks to recovering the pictures?

I ordered an OTG HDMI USB adapter thing that I wanna try. Apparently I plug the adapter into the phone, a wired mouse into the adapter, and then HDMI out to the TV and I should be able to see my screen on the tv. I don't have high hopes for this but worth a shot.

edit: it's a samsung galaxy J3
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I have replaced screens on at least 5 phones, it is not that hard.

Take a look at the procedure and see if it is difficult, might be the best option if the HDMI cable doesn't work.
Did you have your phone downloading to Google Photos? You can access your photos from four email account, especially if it us a gmail account
Looks like you can get the same phone for $20 from any of the prepaid cell companies. Get a new one and swap the main board over from old to new. Just make sure you get the same version of the J3 - assuming they have different versions for different carriers like the other samsung models.
Ordered a replacement screen and will give it a shot. Thanks.

I do not have it set to send to google photos. I checked in case and google was empty. I have a secured locked folder with the pictures.

I will try the Android File Transfer. I was thinking nothing would work on the PC since I cannot swipe to unlock the phone. PC doesn't even recognize or bring up the device like it did to my old phone.

I spoke with Tello, who is my service provider, and have a A20 or something like that on the way. It's a big upgrade to the J3 but if the replacement screen does work then I will send new phone back and save $250.
I've always had the need for those kind of tools so I went ahead and ordered it off Amazon. Will be here same day as the replacement screen.


No problem. Which one did you end up ordering?

Forgot they also have a lifetime warranty that they're also great about honoring.
No problem. Which one did you end up ordering?

Forgot they also have a lifetime warranty that they're also great about honoring.

I kinda screwed up being in a rush and ordered a Sharden brand kit. 100 pieces. Very nice kit with every screwdriver tip I could ever need.

I got the replacement screen today. Replacing it was easier than I thought it would be. Cleaning the old glue off was the hard part. I realized I didn't have any glue so I used blue RTV :laughing:.

But I booted it up before gluing it on and phone works fine. I downloaded all pictures to PC then RTV'd the screen on and filled it with gear oil. Should be ready tomorrow.
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Synthetic gear oil or dino gear oil?
If it wasn't Amspurple1 it will fall apart in 3 months :grinpimp:

Aaron Z

There was nothing in the manual calling for synthetic so I used the cheapest 80w-90 walmart had.
As usual.......no mention of friction additive. That thing is a ticking time bomb. :flipoff2:
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