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Bone in pork loin


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May 21, 2020
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Got any butchers in here? I got 4 of these when I had Patty processed. The chine bone is present, making it hard to do anything with. About how high up do I need to cut? I figure a fresh sawzall blade will make easy work of it


Cary are you going to try to cut the bone out when it is frozen? I just take a good knife and follow the bone to take it out but I have only done it on fresh or thawed ones.
Sawsall would work but if you catch the bone you'll have to deal with all the bone shavings.
Depends on what kind of cuts do you want. Chops is done w/meat cleaver or band saw. If trying to go for center (or tenderloin), use boning knife & slice against the chine.

The above method info is done raw. But if you want a cooked bone in rack, shave & notch the back for easier slicing before it goes in oven/grill-
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