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Bluetooth/Wireless Home Speakers - Whats Good?


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Jun 1, 2020
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It's time for me to get some sounds in my small house, but I'm not up on the current state of the art in home audio. Dont want anything high-end, just 2 to 4 speakers without a lag/echo, with decent sound, no more than $2-300. Last I heard Sonos was the way to go. Any better bang for the buck? TIA
All I see is friends/colleagues blowing incredible sums of money on Sonos for basic tunes. :shaking:

My old Dolby 5.1 receiver does a great job. Garage sale speakers. Run some speaker wire. Buy a widget to strip the audio stream out of the HDMI. Done.
Got an Oontz. It's alright. Not something I would recommend unless somebody just want some cheap sound that can bump a little. I just want a damn bluetooth speaker that maintains steady volume. Every bluetooth audio thingy I own, excluding the Sony head unit in my truck, consistently changes the music volume.
Bluetooth sucks for house audio, you need something that uses WiFi to stream. Apple uses airplay, android uses chromecast. I know AirPlay will sync different devices to stop the echo.
The $120 Bose would not reliably receive signal . .. . returned to Costco. Cheap $35 Amazon single speaker does just fine, but it's a $35 single speaker.
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